Keep Your Business Healthy & Next Steps

Wondering how to blast off the launchpad and into your new normal?

Pondering how to optimize shelter-in-place work while preparing for what's next?

We've got you covered.

Our free video series
is our way of supporting the economy and building its resiliency in times of crisis.

We want to help you build your resiliency, too.

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Now is a great time to...

...invest in your business

Not monetary investment, although that may be part of it depending on what you are choosing to do, but from our end, the investment is in learning how to adapt in a rapidly changing world, small and mid-sized business style.

You don't have to purchase new software or systems or hire expensive contractors or consultants or revamp everything.

Instead, you'll be amazed at what simple mindset tweaks can do for innovating quickly.

You'll learn how to use and implement minimalist tools designed to support your business and the promises you make to customers.

We'll provide you with cheat-sheets and rules for how to adjust, restructure, do things you thought were too complicated for smaller businesses. (Hint: They're not with the reliable adjustments we made just for smaller business success.)

It's all on-demand. It's all free.

Because we want you and your business to survive.

But, who are we and why should you trust us?...

Let us introduce ourselves.

Pat and I have over 55 years of combined experience helping small businesses as well as Fortune 150 multinationals. We're bringing our years of providing master training to professionals as well as facilitation and coaching to executive teams to you to help you survive during these difficult times.

Kalina-Kaminsky, Ph.D.

Transforming your business is too important to trust to those who haven't been there, done that, or ever worked with a variety of businesses and organizations successfully. I have the hands-on experience in guiding businesses through the creation of successful growth and performance strategies. I also help solve complex supply and service chain problems on the front lines because you've got to serve the customer in a way they value and you can provide.

Pat Hammond
Guest presenter

Creating your digital image successfully is more than just manipulating templates. That's what most businesses receive when hiring digital image makers. I help you customize, stand out, and differentiate by showcasing who you really are, not just who the templates allow you to look like. As the director of the New Hampshire business guild, I create space for the State's businesses to collaborate, coordinate, and get to know each other. Guest

Cynthia worked with me and my organization on a three-year strategic plan. Her ability to take daunting work and break it down into easily digestible bites is rare. Additionally, she challenged me to think better and deeper every step of the way. 

Nancy Pearson
former Director, CWE - New Hampshire

Welcome to
the most profitable FREE video series you'll ever watch

These aren't your run-of-the-mill, salesy "Do this and get rich quick" videos.

These are the real how-to get your business successfully reoriented, activity optimized to today's reality including the roll-up-your-sleeves and make it happen now type of videos. You'll find them filled with: content gathered and garnered from years of experience making change profitable, research from leaders in their fields - tempered with reality, and also case studies, stories, how-to's, and analysis.

We are excited to share our insights and special SMB tool sets with you,
all for free, because we're all in this together

Dive into the video and handout content below. We can't wait to hear how you are supercharging your business

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5-4-2020 Next Steps-Special Risk Sessions

You deal with it everyday, but now it's changed...

4-22-2020 Next Steps Status Check

Reopening soon? Remember cash flow, agility, and being realistic about what comes next...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will everything be available for us?

You have access to all videos and handouts through this crisis. They'll stay on Process & Strategy's YouTube channel indefinitely. Click the button below to get messages when new content is released.

How do I contact Pat or Cynthia with my questions?

Pat can be reached at

Cynthia can be reached at

Will this work for my business?

Absolutely. You willll get insights, tool how-to's, and new methods of working that apply to all businesses. We'll also integrate methods that apply to specific business types like yours.